Orthokeratology is a process that uses specially designed contact lenses to temporarily reshape the contour of the cornea to reduce nearsightedness.

Good candidates include youngsters ages 8 to 12 with progressive myopia, as well as most adolescents and adults, although the best success is with people under age 40.

Slow Progression of Myopia

Axial elongation can be slowed with Ortho-K lenses on children (Kakita, T., et al., 2011).


Clinically acceptable safety profile (Lee, Yueh-Chang, et al., 2017).

No Glasses/Contacts During the Day

Using Ortho-K lenses allows you to have the freedom of not wearing glasses or contacts throughout the day!

Contacts at Night.

The freedom, flexibility and

convenience of no glasses or contacts during the day!

Eau Claire Optometry partners with Tamas EyeCare and uses a special device, called a corneal topographer, to map your cornea. This device takes scans of your cornea, and then sends them to a special lab to create custom orthokeratology contact lenses for your eyes!

A great video by Kaitlyn Ma, an 8 year old YouTuber who gets ortho-k lenses for the first time! Subscribe to her page here!