Treatment options are now available to slow the progression of myopia in children!

Adults and children with myopia, or nearsightedness, have difficulty seeing objects clearly from a distance because their corneas are usually slightly longer than normal from front to back. This common condition is often genetic, but studies also link the recent surge in cases to the increased use of handheld electronic devices.

Without treatment, children could fall behind in school, experience eyestrain and headaches, or face more serious future risks, such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and blindness.

Myopia Control Options Available at Eau Claire Optometry

MyoVision Pro Glasses Lenses

MyoVision Pro design by Zeiss applies the principles of Peripheral Defocus Management: the correction of the peripheral “hyperopic shift” affecting myopic eyes sends a signal to the eye to reduce the progression of eye elongation, which can result in the reduction of myopia progression. This lens used in conjunction with 0.025% atropine therapy, has shown promising results for myopia control.

MiSight Daily Disposable Contacts

MiSight, the first daily disposable contact lens indicated to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old at the initiation of treatment. The MiSight contact lens is a single use, disposable, soft contact lens that is discarded at the end of each day, and is not intended to be worn overnight. Very new technology, FDA approved November 15, 2019!

Orthokeratology (overnight contacts)

Orthokeratology lenses are a non-surgical and safe solution to nearsightedness, or myopia. Orthokeratology lenses are worn overnight, and work to gently correct the curvature of the cornea while you sleep. In the morning, simply remove the lenses and enjoy your enhanced vision. It will take between 7 to 14 days of treatment to obtain unaided-vision throughout your day. One of the most effective methods of myopia control in children.

Eau Claire Optometry offers the Be Free Orthokeratology lens, a special lens which uses the data obtained from corneal topography maps of your eyes. We work closely with Precision Technology Services to craft the perfect lenses!