Eye Exams and Eye Health Assessments using Digital Imaging & Modern Diagnostic Equipment

Adult Eye Exams ($95)

Comprehensive eye exams for ages 19 to 64 are only $95.00.

Children’s Eye Exams (Free)

Eye exams for ages 0 to 18 are covered by Alberta Health Care.

Senior Eye Exams (Free)

Eye exams for ages 65 and over are covered by Alberta Health.

Medical Only Visit (Free)

All ocular medical only visits are covered by Alberta Health care, for all ages.

A comprehensive eye exam is way more than just a prescription for glasses. 1 in 7 Canadians with no symptoms have an un-diagnosed and possibly preventable eye condition. Routine eye examinations are the best way to catch eye disease before it is too late to treat.

At Eau Claire Optometry, we provide comprehensive eye exams tailored for all stages of life. Our office is locally owned and operated, we value quality eye care, and have equipped our office with some of the newest diagnostic technology available on the market.

If you were wondering on what age to first bring in your children for their eye exams, we see children as early as 6 months of age!