Corneal Topography


Used extensively by the top Contact Lens Manufacturers and Optometry Universities throughout the world, the E300 is considered the Gold Standard for fitting Specialty Contact Lenses. Eau Claire Optometry has access to this piece of technology, to help even the most hard to fit specialty contact lens patients. The machine also helps Dr. Tamas diagnose, as well as assess, dry eye treatment progress if needed!

With the ability to map out a large corneal area, using Composite Mapping, it gives the practitioner a very high percentage of first fit success rates.

If you’re a patient that has post LASIK complications, Keratoconus, PMD, corneal transplants or other corneal irregularities, then book an exam with Dr. Tamas, who can use this technology to create a specialty lens, to allow you to see life clearer!

Corneal Topography is also essential in the proper fitting of orthokeratology lenses (overnight contact lenses). Eau Claire Optometry offers the Be Free orthokeratology lens, a special lens, which uses the data obtained from corneal topography maps of your eyes. We work closely with Precision Technology Services to craft your overnight contact lenses, completely customized to your eyes, so that you may enjoy your daytime hours without wearing glasses or contact lenses!